Bio - DJ Special D
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“He’s not just a DJ, he’s an all-round entertainer”.

These are the words expressed when described about Special D. His ability to ‘think outside the box’ and entertain an array of crowds using his range of versatile music to become one of the leading upcoming DJ’s to grace the UK scene.

Music is the food that helps a DJ become great at their craft. Music is what keeps me going through the days. Special D has come a long way to become what’s known today as an emerging, talented UK DJ. London born to Ghanaian parents, Mr Desmond Amonoo aka DJ Special D knows exactly what kind of music will get people in the mood for enjoyment, supplying endless talents in all genres of music, from Afrobeats to R&B to even a bit of Commercial and much more, making Special D one of the most versatile DJ’s in the UK.

His music journey started from the tender age of 7, where he began playing drums in his church, and then over the years progressed to playing other instruments like piano and bass guitar to better his musical confidence and become a well-known musical talent.

Life on the decks for Special D started when he used to watch his uncle DJ at many church and private parties.

“If I’m already making people, dance and enjoy themselves while playing musical instruments, then DJ’ing shouldn’t be a problem” Says the passionate and eager DJ. He started to take DJ’ing a bit serious when he began his studies at Hertfordshire University. Mentored by the legendary DJ Sose, he was vigorously trained in perfecting the ‘art of DJ’ing’. He was inspired and motivated by having effective conversations and watching the likes of Mr Smooth EMT, DJ Milktray, DJ Slick, and DJ Melody Kane and many more. It was then, he picked up the skills and techniques to perfect his own and become one of the leading upcoming underground DJ’s in the UK scene.

Things have grown from strength to strength for Special D. He recently made history by becoming the first multi-genre DJ to play afrobeats at the world renowned Boiler Room alongside Mista Silva. He’s managed to play at major events in and around UK, plus support a range of well known artists like Fuse ODG, Mista Silva, WSTRN, and many more. From playing at a few events in and around UK, he’s now one of the resident DJ’s at the infamous O2 Arena and surrounding venues within the arena. His DJ’ing has now taken him over the globe on an international scene, where his true versatility is tried and successfully tested each and every year.

Special D has created an array of mix CD’s over the years, but he has kept his traditional yearly Afrobeats mix CD titled Alive from Africa, which by far has been the most talked about and anticipated each year. Soon to launch his #SpecialDelivery multi-genre mix, and begin working on his #INNOVATION PODCAST, we are sure to expect a whole lot more from this all-round entertainer.

It would be fair to say that the hard work of Special D has vastly paid off as he is a well known and recognised DJ in the UK scene. Not only is he a hard working and determined DJ, he is also one the parents will definitely be proud of. Graduating with a degree in Financial Mathematics and obtaining a full time job in his desired profession shows that there are no levels at all for him. This is just the beginning of many great things to come, so WATCH THIS SPACE!!!